Hug a Farmer

For this post, I did not have to go very far. Luckily one of the people in our class comes from a family of farmers in Ontario.


This is Amanda Wolfe.

Her parents are farmers in Uxbridge, Ontario. Their farm is called Callaway Farm and you can find their Facebook page here. Unfortunately the farm’s website has been taken down because they are moving soon.

Their story began 15yrs ago, when the farm was bought. The farm was bought thinking that farming was going to be just a hobby with only a few animals such as, a pot belly pig, a lamb, and a donkey. A few years later, finally deciding to be a working farm and picking up 40 cows, built a few coops for egg laying chickens, and even silky chickens just for fun. The farm also grows hay, corn, and even have a small soybean farm that just started recently.

The farm itself did not do any of the butchery, the animals were sent to a location nearby that just seems to escape me for the time being, but I will keep you posted.

5-6yrs later, chicken farming had to be put to a stand still as the farm was suffering from a major coyote problem and it was just too hard to control.

All the live animals in Callaway Farm are free range and all the produce are organic. Although, I must mention that they did not start organic, but decided that it was a better way to go.

This will be it for now & I hope you enjoyed the post.

Till next time 🙂


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