Sous Vide

What Is Sous Vide?

Using precise cooking temperature, it enables the person cooking to create consistent product all the time. It also cooks to the exact level of doneness in which you prefer.

This cooking method was invented by a chef named George Pralus in the mid 1970’s. It was a method created in the hopes of reducing shrinkage in cooked products.


Why Choose This Technique?

Asformentioned, since you are cooking at a precise temperature and time, you can expect consistent results.

Since the food cooks in all its juices, the flavor is trapped within the meat and you don’t lose any flavor. On top of that, it does not lose any volume and keeps its integrity.

Sous Vide is usually on a timer and you don’t have to consistently watch it and proceed to do other things.

It is very simple to use, here are the three steps:

  • Season & Seal

Season your product however you want and close the bag.

  • Simmer

Submerge the bags in the precisely controlled water.

  • Serve



It takes very long since you are cooking at such a low temperature.

Equipment could be expensive.


Personal Experience

Personally, I have not have any sous vide steaks or anything cooked sous vide style. I have always been curious to give it a try myself, but looking at the equipment, it is quite expensive. Some day I’ll give it a try and tell you how it goes.


Here is a little clip of a prime rib dry aged for 400 days.







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